Days of Past.

You know how life just keeps moving on and you are the one who has to adapt and accept all that comes your way; good or bad, happy or sad. Well,  although it can get really tough at times, what is that you can really do about it?


Yeah, putting it the hard way, when things around us change we can’t really do anything about it. I mean we can’t change other people, certain circumstances, and at times can’t even avoid them. Try to recall the last time there was something really different that you encountered and you’d find yourself either amused by it or simply unhappy. So, even though we know that we don’t really control the things around us… we try.  We try to put all our efforts to change things that we can. We actually try to change a change!! avoid the change, reverse it all back to “normal”.

A simple thought like; we need to sit back and ride this roller-coaster of a life , can do wonders. Human nature, we want excitement in life, it keeps us going. But, deep down inside we all know that, some things are better unchanged. While we miss our “days of past”  and avoid the changes, we actually might miss a chance to grow, a chance to learn the truth that , it’s us who need to be changing constantly for the good and the better.

We have to accept, adapt and keep smiling Smile


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