Book covers.

Does it ever make sense to judge a book by its cover — literally or metaphorically? Did you ever do it?

We all know that, no one’s perfect. Yet, each moment all our efforts are directed in attaining perfection. So, when we see things out of the ordinary,  we judge – we try to process it. It all seems very natural and “is” very natural (indeed) otherwise, we wouldn’t have this saying “first impression is the last impression”.

The chapters inside a book are more important but, who would look at a book with shabby covers? Let alone open it or be intrigued by it. You can hide a diamond in there to keep it safe. But, my answer to the question is, it is not sensible to judge a book by its cover because, you might just miss that diamond hidden inside it (literally and metaphorically). 

Although, I avoid it but, I would be lying if I deny judging someone/something by its cover. The thing is, most of the times, my decisions turned out to be right and I believe judging is not wrong, behaving erratically based on your perception is. It would be counted as a fault in your personality.

We are humans and we all have eyes – we can see it all and feel it all. So, judge all that you want but, make sure you “give the book a second look” (a deeper one).