Living Art.

What if my favourite piece of art comes to life?

Art in its every form is irresistible and because, I am not good at any I admire the art and the artists. So, if a favourite of mine comes to life I’ll still be gazing upon it and admiring it.

As a nature lover, if one of those paintings come to life. Well, I’ll be packing my bags for an adventure. Which might be something like this:


Oh, the day when the sun shone so bright,

The painting on my wall had its own light.

The trees were moving and, the leaves came to life.

The birds chirping, like in the spring at its prime.


The wind so cold like a mountain breeze.

The air so fresh of the meadow so green.

The silence is when the fear creeps

But, nature is a gift and only fruit it yields.


To my wonder the painting was now a window.

A magical portal to the willows.

All it took was a leap of faith 

And, there an adventure began.