At the airport.

Your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices is working. How do you pass the time at the airport?

The question itself shows how fixated and attached we are to our gadgets that passing time without them has to be an issue for us. To many it would be the saddest thing. Actually, it will be shocking for everyone. And that too… six hours??

When alone, you could always read the magazines and stuff available at the waiting room. It might sound strange but, talking to strangers might help. When in a situation like this, there’s mutual anger and disappointment in all the people which opens up a window for that small talk, this could lead to interesting chats and good (or not so good) memories or even new friendships depending on your luck and the crowd. In case you already have a friend or travel companion(s) you don’t really need anything else- talk to them.

Simply, if you carry books read them. If you love to sleep take a nap. If there’s an eatery go eat. If there’s a flash mob join them!! Oh, do not forget to call (from a payphone) your folks to tell them about the delay and your messed up devices.