A Typical Day.

Rare Medium: Describe a typical day in your life — but, in a form or in a medium of writing you’ve rarely used before.

Dear delicious edibles,

     I must say I am in love with the variety that you offer. You sure know, “variety is the spice of life”, eh? Every day I get up (not necessarily early) and have a glass of water, and then straightaway meditate, prepares me to deal with the whole day, this is followed by a quick workout routine. Staying healthy is very important to me mostly because of you. Oh, not to mention you do provide me with good health but, some of your forms are decadent while others addictively unhealthy. And you know how you are one of the necessities of my life. I can not live without you. Well, after my morning routine I freshen up and get ready only to meet you. You have no idea one of you called “coffee” is like the sweet nectar of life for so many.

     I go through the usual course of my daily life; being busy by finishing my errands or completing a piece of college work (if any) and watch TV while waiting for the clock to strike 12 noon. By that time my only thought is what to have for lunch? And you come into my life yet again… so, I cook and eat or order some of you as my lunch.

     Now, I get back to my routine work with more strength than before as you fill me up and help me carry on with the tasks at hand. But, when I’m busy I miss you more… so, all that I can think is about… snacks thus, you make me take several trips to my fridge. Finally, I get some delicious edibles and finish my work.

     For the last leg of my day I either watch a movie or read, or listen to music, or surf the internet/chat with my friends, or play video games. And I start missing you so much that I have to get the freshest of your kind and that’s a bowl of fruits or a smoothie and watch TV until its dinner call. See, again may be for the fourth or fifth time in a single day… we meet again… a delicious meal; dinner.

Our lives revolve around you. They even say, “you’re what you eat”. So, we choose health and we eat the not so delicious forms of you more often than the delicious ones. I, being a health freak choose “YOU” –my delicious edibles- very carefully.