I’m famous??

Instant Celebrity: If you could be a famous person for a day, who would you be? Why?

I am an average fellow with a simple lifestyle; living and managing every day as it comes. Busy when I have work and at times free like I have all the time in the world. Well, I have never craved for fame as such but, to be honest who doesn’t like a little bit of good attention? And if it could fetch you some money… even better!! I watch TV a lot and like many a celebrities. So, I don’t really know who to choose. I know celebrities are (and to be one) could great but, I like to see the person, the personality and, the real talent. I accept and respect these attributes in a human. 

Anyways,I grew up in the 2000s and to answer the question… I’d say, not looking at the past or future and, considering the humane factor of the celebrity I’d love to be John Cena. Why??

To begin with I think in my opinion he’s an awesome wrestler, good actor, fine rapper, and is a part of the make a wish foundation. I think that explains it. He’s good at his job and takes care of others (sick kids). 

Another famous person that I’d love to be is Florence Welch, lead singer, of the Florence and the machine band. Why??

One, the girl can sing. Two, she sings good live as well. I like her way of expressing herself through the unique poise of hers and Gothic choices of art, dance, music and her attire. Her calm and composed stage presence and the style of singing is just mesmerising. While off stage she is this shy, soft spoken girl with dyspraxia. And yet she’s a superstar to many.