Dreams: gateway to our thoughts.

Freudian Flips: Do you remember a recent dream you had? Today, you’re your own Freud.

Dream… The word itself is so magical and for many reasons very intriguing too. Some would say they do not mean a thing while others would go a long way to explain the good and bad of a dream. Some say they never dream (kind of the case with me) while some believe that, they do not just dream, they see into the future. Some people get happy dreams that cheer them up while some get nightmares that terrorise them. 

Truth is, we all dream, every single night. Our brains are at rest only when we sleep… Not exactly, our brain is a wonderful thing. It controls us and what we do is, learn to control it. Complicated?? (try watching the movie inception) Well, jokes apart, that’s the truth. We feed ourselves of things that are around us; clean or dirty, happy or sad, good or bad, past present and/or future. Our senses gather it all, our brain stores it all and without any awareness we keep filling our subconscious with all of this. And like we all know once we are in a deep sleep, our head plays tricks, REM cycle begins and there, a projector is switched on with 3D effects of its own showing vivid, credible images letting us not only have a dream but, letting us live our actual/neglected (mostly extreme) thoughts.

Although, I do not remember/have a long dream/story to share, yet to answer the question here is the one that I faintly remember. My recent dream was about a college mate of mine. We do not really talk and for some reasons I feel this person hates me or finds me annoying or something like that. Just to clear the air I am the calm type with a group of close friends. So, in the dream I saw this person with their friend. Firstly, they behaved normally and friendly eventually my fears stood corrected and there I was being made fun of.

OK, interpretation… This person has never said a thing to my face. So, a dream like this could be a gateway to my actual thoughts or simply an indication that, my past of being bullied still haunts me. Anyways, after that dream I woke up with a strong feeling that, something great is gonna happen soon. So, that’s a happy thought. All is well that end is well.