The longest day.

Set for Solstice: Today’s Summer Solstice. How are you taking advantage of the extra hours of light this time of year? 

The longest day of the year is here. But, I don’t really get into all the technicalities. Every day for us in here is of 24 hours, no daylight savings or anything. To me, the change doesn’t make a difference until it starts getting dark as early as 5 pm because, in summers (right now) the sun doesn’t set until 07:30 – 8 pm. So, yes the time of daylight differs but, no, it isn’t a big deal at least not to me. Nevertheless, I would like to mention I am a winter person. Summers in here could give temperatures like 47 deg Celsius. Well, the heat makes you appreciate the cold.

So, I like the seasons and enjoy them as they are, not letting the amount of day light make much of a difference to my routine/plans. Longer days more work, fun and frolic. Shorter days more sleep, work, fun and frolic. Anyways, I like to start afresh, each morning.

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