Summing Up.


4 years ago, a guy entered the gates of a huge establishment – a University. All alone, out there in the world, he was both nervous and awestruck. Seeing such a huge place crowded by so many people – trendy, tech savvy, group of sportsmen, some musicians, and some (seemed) seriously busy with their work.

Although new but, as he was used to moving places, he thought, “Well, yet another change, let’s just take it slow and steady.” So, he did slowly run away from problems and creepy people and tried his best to steadily adjust; jumping from one group of people to another, he tried to blend in. And it wasn’t until the first year had passed that, he found some people with similar ways of life. But, this is not just his story. He was unaware that four people just like him had walked into the very same classroom as his.

Firstly, there were two who became good friends and in no time a third person joined in and, the fourth –our shy/quiet guy- got easily accepted into this circle of friends. These four, who formed their first meaningful bonds after School, were seemingly unapproachable to anyone else. They became friends, instantly. Then a fight in some other group gave them their fifth and the final member and so, began the ballad of this “quintet”. Well, they became friends; very good friends and popular too.

Five friends

Four years

Three favorites; food, fun and photos

Two responsibilities; college and home

And one motto – Live it to the fullest because, it’s one life we get.

So, day in and day out there was college work and their three favorites to be taken care of and so they did. They knew what fun meant and they knew what friendship means. Our guy was so lucky to have these four awesome people in his life. Such different personalities and yet behaving like five peas in a pod. Well, there was nothing more they wanted. Oh yes, they went through all the five stages of bonding: they met, they bridged, the confronted, they fought and the relationships were destroyed and all of this just brought them even closer.

On the official final day of college while he was being awarded, for something, his friends were crazy-happy even though their presentations did not go as expected. But, the truth his friends’ happy faces were much more satisfying and a bigger reward to him. Now as they part their ways and are standing at the cross roads – what next?? There’s one thing they know for sure; there bond was precious and people noticed. To their surprise it was acknowledged and appreciated as well. With such happy memories and countless pictures, they summed it up only to start it all over again and live up to their motto.