Handmade Tales.

Automation has made it possible to produce so many objects — from bread to shoes. What things do you still prefer in their traditional, handmade version?

Tech savvy as we are today, the lazier we are. Fresh handmade bread was long forgotten but people still say, “I haven’t heard of something that good since sliced bread” (Really, nothing since “sliced bread”??) Anyways, welcome to 2014, we are yet to fly around in our cars, but we definitely have almost everything being processed and produced in huge factories and some things can be made, at the comfort of our own home, by pressing a single button. As far as using technology for the ease of humans is considered, it is great. But if we allow it to be more than just an aid and make it a necessity we are done for sure. Yes, a lot of machines are helpful, no one has the time to make things with their hands but what about things that could be made or should be made? 

When it comes to hand skills, no machine can match a painter’s painting, a musician’s music, an artisan’s artifact and my favourite a chef’s food. And I would take the handmade version of these  things over their machine made forms anytime. Oh, do not forget… processed and ready made food – a big NO to them!! Not that all of it is bad but we should avoid it whenever we can. Food should be cooked at home (or in an eatery) with actual fresh things. It’s our health we are talking about, we should be careful with such food items. I once studied (in microbiology) about the deadly microbes and chemicals canned foods can have in them so, I would love a piping hot, fresh, home made meal over any other thing.

Well, it’s great that bread and shoes can be made easily and quickly using machines. But we ought to remember it is good to sow our own seeds, to plant a tree, weed out the other species and take care of the flower so, that it grows and we grow closer to it. Something that you make is made with a thought, a feeling, and it takes love to nurture it and the final result is always great. If everything was to be done by machines we would have only one job – oil or recharge our machines. Or no job at all because, we’d be weak or sick after eating too much of junk.

On Bees and Effs.

Do you have a Best Friend? Do you believe in the idea of one person whose friendship matters the most? Tell us a story about your BFF (or lack thereof).

Totes!! a BFF is not just important it is almost a need. It is not like we should cling onto a single person on this earth but, a special (platonic relation with some one/people of your own age group) makes life more interesting and easy. Remember “being naked”?? It is not easy to open up to anyone and thus, what we need is a deep bond that allows us to be just open enough creating a breathing space, a venting space, actually. I have many precious friends (we are BSTY^n) but, I have had 3 best friends so far… again because, of moving places frequently. But, this is one of the experiences that was worth it. For the time that, I thought I was going to be friends with the person forever we were BFFs, little did we knew fate had good byes planned for us, anyways, it was good while it lasted.

From day in to day out – you hang out together, do homework together, stand for or against something together, explore the neighbourhood together and many more things together until it gets suffocating and one of you loses it and there’s a huge fight. A fight (because. opinions differ) that keeps this unreal relationship real and strong. Fights help build an unbreakable bond (really?? Apparently, yes) and also makes way for the third person. 

So, from one to another and to the last and current (best) friend of mine, the ride has been bumpy yet enjoyable. I a m like the guru of BFFS jokes apart but, come to think of it… when you are in School/Uni you have enough exposure and opportunity to meet new people, like minded or opposites, and you might click with any of them. Well, my story is simple – I heard when they spoke and they heard when I spoke. We laughed together, cried together and cleaned after each other’s mess (for real) got jealous, misunderstood each other etc. After all is said and done we are still like kids following the sacred rule of being updated about each others life…. you ought to follow this one!! We named our BFF bond Shashin-Sauto (doesn’t make sense, it is murbs) but, to us it’s very meaningful and special and a blog would be too small to even get started on our stories… Cheers to family and friends!!

Adult Visions.

As a kid, you must have imagined what it would be like to be an adult. Now that you’re a grownup (or becoming one), how far off was your idea of adult life?

I don’t remember having any of such thoughts, I never thought of being older or in a sense imagined what it would be like, to be a teenager, adult etc . I only remember being a kid, busy enjoying and having gala of a time because, one thing that I observed and learned was that, growing up is not an easy task. I could see the seniors at School loaded with lots of academic and social work. A young kid can easily sense his surroundings and I did notice all the grownups, working so hard to earn a living, were definitely tired/exhausted. And they were not happy-exhausted like kids after a good game but, were sad-exhausted like after losing a battle.  

You must remember these… Following are some of the famous things (very well know and made fun of) that we’re told about life:

“Study hard in School, your life would be easier” (we all know how true that was). “It’s just graduation, once through college you will be a free bird” (what a lie!!). “Oh ,it’s just the phase of finding a job that’s difficult once settled, you’ll be set for life” (not anymore, not in this era at least) and many more…

Well, I always doubted these “famous” lines and thought to myself… if, life after School is supposed to be such a smooth ride, why do people seem to be suffering of the trials and tribulations?  I got my answer at quite a young age and thus began the carefree living that I as a kid deserved because, I realised life is much too vast a subject to be grasped by a young a mind; it’s more than School, it’s more than home, It’s more than about your own-self. It’s about a lot of people, it’s about a lot of knowledge and it is, simply put, a journey more complex than words can help us decipher. So, I didn’t put much thought into adulthood and enjoyed my childhood.

The secret is – without the expectations life’s pretty simple.

Couldn’t Watch It.

When was the last time you watched something so scary, cringe-worthy, or unbelievably tacky — in a movie, on TV, or in real life — you had to cover your eyes?

The last horror movie that I watched was The Conjuring… Man, did I like it?? I totally did. It was meaningfully scary with a simple plot and the best part, minimal use of blood and gore. Although, the scene where an apparition literally vomits a stream of blood and mucous into the mouth of the female lead of the movie, while she wakes up from her sleep, was the yuckiest of all scenes. I can describe the scene so nicely because, I watched it with my eyes open and I remember it so vividly.

Oh, now I remember, It’s about May ’14 I was with my friends, in a lab for a class, and out of boredom we were watching discovery channel videos in HD on one of the phones. The video was about a caterpillar that was attacked by a parasite. And as the video progressed it was nothing but squeamish. The parasite lays its eggs inside the larva and the time lapse shows the eggs turning into full grown insects (like 20 – 30 tiny worms in total) and coming out of the caterpillar by eating it. And the caterpillar still lives and dies only after forming a protective covering (cocoon) for its killers. It does so because of some chemical that the parasite releases causing the poor larva to go crazy. The nature and its facets!!

Well, I remember the caterpillar video too and many more unspeakable TV and movie stuff… But, while watching the discovery video I didn’t close my eyes; it wasn’t scary, cringe worthy or tacky but, it sure did make me and my friends lose our appetites for a while.      

Being Naked.

Reuse your opening line (at least) two more times in the course of your post.

You read it correct. Being naked is the title and we all know how difficult that can be. So many issues; some aren’t confident about the way they will look, some are worried about how much to bare, some are just against the “being naked” concept and some are plain scared of it. I know, I must have lost you. This post isn’t going anywhere like this. But, I do have something to say… this post isn’t about being naked physically. It is about being naked emotionally, it is about opening up. 

Yeah, you read it correct. I am talking about being naked in public, In front of strangers. Can you think of a single person on this earth who knows everything about you? Not one person, not even the closest of our relations know the entire truth, right? Our parents and siblings are far more aware of all the nitty-gritty details of our lives that, we think they do not have any idea about. But, there’s more than what meet the eyes or the ears. Each one of us goes through that phase where we lock ourselves in and shut the entire world outside. Some things are dealt-with being alone, some circumstances leave us all alone and we have to walk through the darkness with just one ray of hope so, we do as the situation demands.

once through, we are back to our normal selves. All I’m saying is, we all have our secrets, not necessary that they are bad. Nevertheless, they are just locked up deep down in our subconscious. No one but, I know myself completely. Same goes for every one else (I suppose).

Yet again, you read it correct. No one knows the complete you. We can never open up entirely to anyone, we can never be naked completely in front of others not even our very own folks let alone in front of strangers. Why could this be? Vulnerability?? No one wants to be vulnerable, no one wants to be taken advantage of and no one wants to face the painful “breaking of trust”. I think physical or emotional, being naked is scary, embarrassing and even in the closest of bonds it doesn’t come easily. We all hide a bit of us no matter what.    


Object Lesson.

Sherlock Holmes had his pipe. Dorothy had her red shoes. Batman had his Bat-mobile. What object would your friends most immediately associate with you?

An object?? My friends would say that, I am loaded with things. My backpack is like Santa’s bag filled with things and it never seems to get empty. Well, I do have this habit of keeping everything in my backpack be it as useless as a flyer, old tickets, tissues or as important as some cash or sanitiser, lip balm etc. I think I’m a hoarder, not really. I just want to be prepared always!!  So, I can be found carrying many things, as far as just one object is considered I’m the guy with a watch and/or a pen I carry these two things literally everywhere.

I have been a student for this long, all my life actually, I’m used to and very particular of time and punctuality. So, I have the watch all day everyday when I’m out of my home. Also, I do not like borrowing stuff so, I carry my own pen, one of the most scarce things when you are in college. For some reasons no one ever seems to be having an extra pen let alone a pencil. So I am the guy with extra ones.

Apart from all the important things, yeah, pen (and my notes) is something that my friends would associate me with.

I hear you.

Full Disclosure

A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. The catch: you can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?

To be able to hear everyone’s thoughts… Wow!! you could avoid so many misunderstandings and keep others always happy. It could help us stay away from trouble by listening to some one planning on something big and bad or mischievous.

But, not being able to turn it off, is too big of a price for being out of trouble both emotional and physical type. I believe some thing’s are better left unsaid. Not every “why?” has an explanation and not every thing should be reasoned out before it’s right time. Imagine yourself, talking to someone on your birthday and you find out about a party your friends want to surprise you with. It won’t be much of a surprise anymore, right? And what about the judgmental people?? They are opinionated and they might have an opinion of me that I won’t like. I’m better off without knowing all of that.

I’ve lived a normal life without this awesome chip and I am fine with the – make mistakes and learn cycle. To hear everything that the other person, in the conversation, has in their mind… to me personally can be deafening and maddening; I won’t be able to hear my own thoughts and that is the most important thing. I mean, we should listen to ourselves, follow our instincts. We do not need any chip to keep others happy or to keep away from trouble. So, unless it has an “off switch” I am not accepting the chip. Who doesn’t like a bit of help every now and then.


Never had a long exposure.

The title says it all. I have never known anyone (outside my family) for a long time, at least not long enough to see them change. Here we go again, the same old story… I was one of those kids who got the chance to live it all and experience so many different cultures and people only because, we used to move places frequently. But, it is not all good news, on one hand you get the best of so many things that normally others do not; you get new people, food, lifestyle and a lot of understanding on human nature not to mention a chance to start afresh, while on the other it manages to mess you up enough that, you become more reserved and not so friendly also bad experiences mean trust issues (hmm, now I understand my fear of fears).

Anyways, I believe change is inevitable and not only a truth but also a way of life. So, I think if I were to meet one of my childhood friends today, I would not be able to recognise them (I’ve a strong recognition memory, though) and same could be said about me being not recognised by them, as far as superficial stuff is concerned. I consider change to be a good thing. Everyone’s on a different journey; some are falling down, some are rising up, some take it easy and maintain their calm while some go crazy. Not all of those changes are good but, what comes after that is definitely better. Who likes a sweet person turning into a frustrated, annoying-idiot? But, that is a possibility and all you can do is try to help or keep away from them.

Well, I do not know anyone else but, I have had a very long exposure of one person and that is – me… I have changed a lot, on the outside mostly and a little on the inside as well. The world changes your perception… it changes you!! I have questioned the changes in my behaviour and thinking etc. But, I feel these changes are just a way to adapt in this ever changing world of ours and that, I say, is definitely for the better.


Fear of fear.

Fearless Fantasies

Would your life be better or worse than it is now if, you were incapable of feeling fear??

Fear is not totally useless; it keeps us safe, keeps us away from trouble, and also stops us from doing all the crazy things we’d love to do. The kind of things that we do, mostly, when we’re drunk (apparently, it’s one way to let go of all your senses and, not just fear). But, at times it could get worse and really uncomfortable to be afraid of everyday things. Some people suffer from countless phobias and some others have to deal with anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress and OCDs. I think, their life would be more than just amazing without all the fears.

Now, Imagine a group of people coming towards you, imagine a crowded place and imagine yourself being stuck in the crowd – immobile!… feeling unsafe, feeling claustrophobic, feeling awful. Is it just me?? Oh goodness crowd (mob) scares me. Earlier, I used to dread public transport and, whenever I traveled alone I always chose the secluded routes instead of passing by an area/alley full of people (strangers). 

With time and as a necessity I started taking the subway, buses etc. I mean I had to, for survival because, I do not drive. It was scary at first but, I noticed not everyone’s out there to get me and I got used to seeing it all, got familiar with all the manner-less ways of traveling. Anyways, I still keep away from a stuffed up public place or transport whenever I can.

No, wild animals do not scare me at least they do not hurt anyone without a reason also they don’t have a BIG ego problem like many “humans” tend to have these days. So, yeah my life would be easier if I wasn’t so scared of trusting my fellow humans (few of whom could possibly be quite threatening). 

Oh no! It’s me.

Can’t Stand Me: What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

Oh, the countless times I have skipped a scene (that had me) or just used fast forward while watching a video of an occasion. I mean, who doesn’t find that weird, unbearable or annoying? The first time you see yourself… It’s like, ” Who’s that kid with the funny voice and that hair, not to mention the cheeky grin?”  and you find out it’s none other than yourself. It is really intolerable and embarrassing!! Mostly embarrassing, though. 

For me, there was a time when I hated both the things; videos and sound recordings that included me. I could not stand them and I always tried to skip my part. I am like the guy who clicks pictures and records videos of others but, when it is my turn, I try to find a way to excuse myself. Although, over the course of time, I have gotten used to both watching myself and listening to my voice.

It is just as simple as that – you do get over it. True, it doesn’t come easy but, once you have the epiphany that I had it is easier, indeed. So, one fine day I realised that, if I find myself annoying or unbearable in a video then, how come people around me never complain?? You see it is just you who feels so mortified to look at yourself; the way you act or speak etc. in a video because, apparently we all think not only highly of ourselves but also very differently than we actually are.

Anyways, It is always going to be a little uncomfortable either to listen or to watch yourself in a video. But, unless and until someone who knows me doesn’t find a fault in me, my video or my voice, I am good to go.