Wrong Turns.

When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable experience, or a stressful one? 

Firstly, what kind of lost is this?? The emotional kind or the physical kind. If it is emotional then I have been lost and felt like I was lost many a times and none of those were enjoyable experiences. Let me take look… I’ve questioned trust, future plans, and my past experiences and felt lost while searching for the answers. Only the times when I actually got the answers did I enjoy the whole experience but, doesn’t that mean I wasn’t lost or maybe… I was lost until I and found the answer because, I never backed down.

Anyways, talking about being lost physically… Is it even possible these days? Unless you are scuba diving in the depth of an ocean or walking through the Amazon jungle or some other jungle per se (trekking gone wrong) or you are stranded on an island and do not have the life saving technology called smart phones. Phones so smart that if asked, “where am I ?” Can actually use the Google-maps and tell you about your current location. I think this could only happen if you don’t have a phone, an internet connection, a compass, or a map (no one even uses them anymore). Otherwise what are you doing? Just set up your destination and use the map to reach that place. Just take care do not take a wrong turn. Come to think of it… it isn’t a real problem in this world.

Also, It’s just that I didn’t get lost recently.

One thought on “Wrong Turns.

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