Laugh out loud.

Roaring Laughter: What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?

Laughing is good for health and I am a firm believer. When it comes to laughing I think I am the kind of person who likes making others laugh. I would go to the point of acting crazy just to make some one laugh out loud (literally, not just LOL). This brings me to the fact that, writing LOL has become so common that people do not even smile while they write it. If you ask me… that is cheating. You should LOL when your write it. Although, ROFL in a literal sense would be equally weird but, one should mean their LOLs.

Just as I mentioned, laughing to me is important and I try to make every one of those a roaring , authentic, stomach aching, feeling out of breath laughter. The secret is to let go. Let go of yourself in your laughs in that moment and feel the funny do not just understand it. It is more enjoyable that way. So, for the story, I was with my cousins and freinds the previous week (hence no new posts) and we were just sitting and talking about things/old times in general and that means LOLs, ROFLs, LMAOs everything but, in reality.

The thing is none of us talks without a funny comment at the end. It’s not like we’re talking nonsense or joking around the whole time. It’s just that even serious is funny when you want it to be and when we are together we actually want to let lose. At times I feel that, to others it might even seem as if we’re communicating in a very alien language/style. I believe everyone has a bond like that with some one in their life where they talk so different that, other people can’t comprehend easily. 

Everything was quite funny because of our way of commenting, funny punchlines, acting weird, sounding funny and not to mention mimicking others (people we think are funny) but, most of all we laughed so much because, we wanted to.

2 thoughts on “Laugh out loud.

  1. I feel you. I have friends like that. We talked and laughed a lot, often looking stupid doing it. Mainly cos you wouldn’t get if we explained it to you. That was really fun times. I’m glad you have friends like that.

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