Mood canvas.

Frame of Mind: If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?

To paint my mood on a canvas, I would require a lot of colours. This is because, like everyone else I’m not in the same state of mind all the time. Our lives are so fast that, the first colours on anyone’s canvas are the Red, Yellow and Green. Believe it or not, our work is life and all that we do -day in and day out- is to look for the signals. We stop we start and then we run, often making blunders. Confused and busy would be on everyone’s canvas.

Anyways, right now I have a happy and stable lifestyle unproductive though. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not busy/confused – I mean things can get crazy enough to put me in a sad or possibly depressing mood. Yet I say I’m stable is because, it’s a habit of mine that I consciously put the sad thoughts away and try to bring stability and peace to my mind by being blindly optimistic. Luckily it is a helpful but, not as healthy a practice. The way I see it is that, when you have a problem and you worry about the solution eventually you find out that worrying never really helped. Had you not worried, at least your journey till the D-day would have been much better, relatively speaking.



My mood canvas – the transition.

Now, I’ll paint my “mood-canvas”… My canvas would depict a balding man… Weird enough but, a man’s balding depicts a state of great alertness, a time to bring changes, and it definitely shows the lack of confidence/resources the person bears. More artistically speaking, painting autumn on to the canvas would do just fine. The nature is at its best but, it has to go through the not so scenic changes and prepare for the harsh winters to come. And once in, everything starts seeming normal.

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