Oh no! It’s me.

Can’t Stand Me: What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

Oh, the countless times I have skipped a scene (that had me) or just used fast forward while watching a video of an occasion. I mean, who doesn’t find that weird, unbearable or annoying? The first time you see yourself… It’s like, ” Who’s that kid with the funny voice and that hair, not to mention the cheeky grin?”  and you find out it’s none other than yourself. It is really intolerable and embarrassing!! Mostly embarrassing, though. 

For me, there was a time when I hated both the things; videos and sound recordings that included me. I could not stand them and I always tried to skip my part. I am like the guy who clicks pictures and records videos of others but, when it is my turn, I try to find a way to excuse myself. Although, over the course of time, I have gotten used to both watching myself and listening to my voice.

It is just as simple as that – you do get over it. True, it doesn’t come easy but, once you have the epiphany that I had it is easier, indeed. So, one fine day I realised that, if I find myself annoying or unbearable in a video then, how come people around me never complain?? You see it is just you who feels so mortified to look at yourself; the way you act or speak etc. in a video because, apparently we all think not only highly of ourselves but also very differently than we actually are.

Anyways, It is always going to be a little uncomfortable either to listen or to watch yourself in a video. But, unless and until someone who knows me doesn’t find a fault in me, my video or my voice, I am good to go.

One thought on “Oh no! It’s me.

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