Fear of fear.

Fearless Fantasies

Would your life be better or worse than it is now if, you were incapable of feeling fear??

Fear is not totally useless; it keeps us safe, keeps us away from trouble, and also stops us from doing all the crazy things we’d love to do. The kind of things that we do, mostly, when we’re drunk (apparently, it’s one way to let go of all your senses and, not just fear). But, at times it could get worse and really uncomfortable to be afraid of everyday things. Some people suffer from countless phobias and some others have to deal with anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress and OCDs. I think, their life would be more than just amazing without all the fears.

Now, Imagine a group of people coming towards you, imagine a crowded place and imagine yourself being stuck in the crowd – immobile!… feeling unsafe, feeling claustrophobic, feeling awful. Is it just me?? Oh goodness crowd (mob) scares me. Earlier, I used to dread public transport and, whenever I traveled alone I always chose the secluded routes instead of passing by an area/alley full of people (strangers). 

With time and as a necessity I started taking the subway, buses etc. I mean I had to, for survival because, I do not drive. It was scary at first but, I noticed not everyone’s out there to get me and I got used to seeing it all, got familiar with all the manner-less ways of traveling. Anyways, I still keep away from a stuffed up public place or transport whenever I can.

No, wild animals do not scare me at least they do not hurt anyone without a reason also they don’t have a BIG ego problem like many “humans” tend to have these days. So, yeah my life would be easier if I wasn’t so scared of trusting my fellow humans (few of whom could possibly be quite threatening). 

2 thoughts on “Fear of fear.

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