Never had a long exposure.

The title says it all. I have never known anyone (outside my family) for a long time, at least not long enough to see them change. Here we go again, the same old story… I was one of those kids who got the chance to live it all and experience so many different cultures and people only because, we used to move places frequently. But, it is not all good news, on one hand you get the best of so many things that normally others do not; you get new people, food, lifestyle and a lot of understanding on human nature not to mention a chance to start afresh, while on the other it manages to mess you up enough that, you become more reserved and not so friendly also bad experiences mean trust issues (hmm, now I understand my fear of fears).

Anyways, I believe change is inevitable and not only a truth but also a way of life. So, I think if I were to meet one of my childhood friends today, I would not be able to recognise them (I’ve a strong recognition memory, though) and same could be said about me being not recognised by them, as far as superficial stuff is concerned. I consider change to be a good thing. Everyone’s on a different journey; some are falling down, some are rising up, some take it easy and maintain their calm while some go crazy. Not all of those changes are good but, what comes after that is definitely better. Who likes a sweet person turning into a frustrated, annoying-idiot? But, that is a possibility and all you can do is try to help or keep away from them.

Well, I do not know anyone else but, I have had a very long exposure of one person and that is – me… I have changed a lot, on the outside mostly and a little on the inside as well. The world changes your perception… it changes you!! I have questioned the changes in my behaviour and thinking etc. But, I feel these changes are just a way to adapt in this ever changing world of ours and that, I say, is definitely for the better.



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