Object Lesson.

Sherlock Holmes had his pipe. Dorothy had her red shoes. Batman had his Bat-mobile. What object would your friends most immediately associate with you?

An object?? My friends would say that, I am loaded with things. My backpack is like Santa’s bag filled with things and it never seems to get empty. Well, I do have this habit of keeping everything in my backpack be it as useless as a flyer, old tickets, tissues or as important as some cash or sanitiser, lip balm etc. I think I’m a hoarder, not really. I just want to be prepared always!!  So, I can be found carrying many things, as far as just one object is considered I’m the guy with a watch and/or a pen I carry these two things literally everywhere.

I have been a student for this long, all my life actually, I’m used to and very particular of time and punctuality. So, I have the watch all day everyday when I’m out of my home. Also, I do not like borrowing stuff so, I carry my own pen, one of the most scarce things when you are in college. For some reasons no one ever seems to be having an extra pen let alone a pencil. So I am the guy with extra ones.

Apart from all the important things, yeah, pen (and my notes) is something that my friends would associate me with.


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