Adult Visions.

As a kid, you must have imagined what it would be like to be an adult. Now that you’re a grownup (or becoming one), how far off was your idea of adult life?

I don’t remember having any of such thoughts, I never thought of being older or in a sense imagined what it would be like, to be a teenager, adult etc . I only remember being a kid, busy enjoying and having gala of a time because, one thing that I observed and learned was that, growing up is not an easy task. I could see the seniors at School loaded with lots of academic and social work. A young kid can easily sense his surroundings and I did notice all the grownups, working so hard to earn a living, were definitely tired/exhausted. And they were not happy-exhausted like kids after a good game but, were sad-exhausted like after losing a battle.  

You must remember these… Following are some of the famous things (very well know and made fun of) that we’re told about life:

“Study hard in School, your life would be easier” (we all know how true that was). “It’s just graduation, once through college you will be a free bird” (what a lie!!). “Oh ,it’s just the phase of finding a job that’s difficult once settled, you’ll be set for life” (not anymore, not in this era at least) and many more…

Well, I always doubted these “famous” lines and thought to myself… if, life after School is supposed to be such a smooth ride, why do people seem to be suffering of the trials and tribulations?  I got my answer at quite a young age and thus began the carefree living that I as a kid deserved because, I realised life is much too vast a subject to be grasped by a young a mind; it’s more than School, it’s more than home, It’s more than about your own-self. It’s about a lot of people, it’s about a lot of knowledge and it is, simply put, a journey more complex than words can help us decipher. So, I didn’t put much thought into adulthood and enjoyed my childhood.

The secret is – without the expectations life’s pretty simple.


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