On Bees and Effs.

Do you have a Best Friend? Do you believe in the idea of one person whose friendship matters the most? Tell us a story about your BFF (or lack thereof).

Totes!! a BFF is not just important it is almost a need. It is not like we should cling onto a single person on this earth but, a special (platonic relation with some one/people of your own age group) makes life more interesting and easy. Remember “being naked”?? It is not easy to open up to anyone and thus, what we need is a deep bond that allows us to be just open enough creating a breathing space, a venting space, actually. I have many precious friends (we are BSTY^n) but, I have had 3 best friends so far… again because, of moving places frequently. But, this is one of the experiences that was worth it. For the time that, I thought I was going to be friends with the person forever we were BFFs, little did we knew fate had good byes planned for us, anyways, it was good while it lasted.

From day in to day out – you hang out together, do homework together, stand for or against something together, explore the neighbourhood together and many more things together until it gets suffocating and one of you loses it and there’s a huge fight. A fight (because. opinions differ) that keeps this unreal relationship real and strong. Fights help build an unbreakable bond (really?? Apparently, yes) and also makes way for the third person. 

So, from one to another and to the last and current (best) friend of mine, the ride has been bumpy yet enjoyable. I a m like the guru of BFFS jokes apart but, come to think of it… when you are in School/Uni you have enough exposure and opportunity to meet new people, like minded or opposites, and you might click with any of them. Well, my story is simple – I heard when they spoke and they heard when I spoke. We laughed together, cried together and cleaned after each other’s mess (for real) got jealous, misunderstood each other etc. After all is said and done we are still like kids following the sacred rule of being updated about each others life…. you ought to follow this one!! We named our BFF bond Shashin-Sauto (doesn’t make sense, it is murbs) but, to us it’s very meaningful and special and a blog would be too small to even get started on our stories… Cheers to family and friends!!

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