Handmade Tales.

Automation has made it possible to produce so many objects — from bread to shoes. What things do you still prefer in their traditional, handmade version?

Tech savvy as we are today, the lazier we are. Fresh handmade bread was long forgotten but people still say, “I haven’t heard of something that good since sliced bread” (Really, nothing since “sliced bread”??) Anyways, welcome to 2014, we are yet to fly around in our cars, but we definitely have almost everything being processed and produced in huge factories and some things can be made, at the comfort of our own home, by pressing a single button. As far as using technology for the ease of humans is considered, it is great. But if we allow it to be more than just an aid and make it a necessity we are done for sure. Yes, a lot of machines are helpful, no one has the time to make things with their hands but what about things that could be made or should be made? 

When it comes to hand skills, no machine can match a painter’s painting, a musician’s music, an artisan’s artifact and my favourite a chef’s food. And I would take the handmade version of these  things over their machine made forms anytime. Oh, do not forget… processed and ready made food – a big NO to them!! Not that all of it is bad but we should avoid it whenever we can. Food should be cooked at home (or in an eatery) with actual fresh things. It’s our health we are talking about, we should be careful with such food items. I once studied (in microbiology) about the deadly microbes and chemicals canned foods can have in them so, I would love a piping hot, fresh, home made meal over any other thing.

Well, it’s great that bread and shoes can be made easily and quickly using machines. But we ought to remember it is good to sow our own seeds, to plant a tree, weed out the other species and take care of the flower so, that it grows and we grow closer to it. Something that you make is made with a thought, a feeling, and it takes love to nurture it and the final result is always great. If everything was to be done by machines we would have only one job – oil or recharge our machines. Or no job at all because, we’d be weak or sick after eating too much of junk.

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