Edge of the Frame.

We often capture strangers in photos we take in public. Check one of your pictures that features a person you don’t know. Now tell the story of that person.

The strangers in pictures, they could make or break a great photo/moment. Sometimes it’s fine but other times it could be devastating thus, I and my friends are very cautious in that we click our pictures only when there is no stranger around or ask that stranger to take our photo instead. This way everyone can be in the photo and it saves us from the “random person in the photo” tragedy

Just because of our habit and the amount of photos it took me an hour to find that first picture with a stranger in it. And voila!! I found one… and this picture doesn’t have a stranger in it. It has strangers. Back-story time: We all were gathered for our closing ceremony (for graduation, actually) and that means, the whole batch was there from all majors/courses; all the seniors were gathered. So, after the long, tiring, yet very interesting formal function – the provisional degrees, the citation awards and the get to gather – every one was happy, relieved and obviously free. The high tea was good. Everyone ate and talked and in matter of seconds the courtyard was full of all the students. Everyone standing in groups taking pictures, talking, bidding good byes, planning after parties and lot more.

Midst of all the hustle and bustle I and my mates were lost in our very own moment. We were going crazy while taking photos; group photos, class photos, holding-the-achiever’s-award photos, with-a-random-classmate photos etc. And this one time we didn’t really care about who was standing behind or beside us, we were not cautious at all. And I think that gives away one thing, we were living in the moment (not to mention we later clicked many a photos in our private spot. Those photos and selfies turned out be the best and the craziest). And the one photo that, I found had strangers in it, the story of the stranger(s) is simple – after effects of graduation, congratulating each other, last precious moments inside the Uni as students and friends, bidding goodbyes – having the time of their lives.