Writer’s Block Party.

When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?

Writer’s block… If it means that a writer’s brain is blocked for new ideas to write about, nah!! never happened. I am talkative (a little pretentious maybe seemingly) but, my brain never gets blocked especially for philosophical stuff. Oh, I keep on spreading the optimistic thoughts and knowledge that I picked up from here and there. Being a behavioral science student for a while I did learn a few things that one would  normally learn/realise after an eventful circumstance in life. Books are awesome they keep the block away.

If nothing else this blog is a proof of the no block situation. Daily prompt is just a prompt I have to think and write. I wrote and you are reading and life’s going on without the blockage. But, there are other things; I am not a real writer and I might not get a writer’s block rather, I just get lazy and then I do not want to think. That means I block my own self.

So, I get lazy and the writer in me gets blocked. No, my laziness is not easy to win upon so, the writer of the blog loses. Laziness brought up the block and there’s no way out of it except the obvious binge watching and eating or sleeping (actually, eating while watching TV and falling asleep. Wait, is that the writer’s block party) a very common habit found in people who are bored.