New Wrinkles.

You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?

Plans?? What plans? I have nothing extra ordinary planned for myself. I am trying to go with the flow to say the least  (that does sound boring). Considering my current age, being in the 20s is awesome yet tiring (I guess, to summarise, that is how every phase of life is). I just finished college and I am preparing myself to take on new things (challenges is a heavy word) in life and I am taking it very slow (hence, the number of dreams but no plan of action) also with time you learn, it is important to have goals in life nevertheless, your life will push you around the way It wills. You can only try to stay focussed.

So, if one fine morning I were to wake up into my thirties, it would be shattering – Not in terms of plans for the future but for not getting to live/enjoy my twenties. In my opinion age is just a number but, the way our bodies and lives change – increasing responsibilities, it turns out to be more than just a number and no form of exercise can help revert things back to the way they used to be.

I won’t be that old in my 30s (I suppose) the big change would be that, I would have to take care of the finances and manage a professional life alongside the only known (till last night) personal (carefree/risk-taking if you will) life of mine. Yes, there won’t be a rush but, yeah all in all I would love to have a stable career by then – you know?? the dream we all have… to own a house and a ride along with a good professional life.

Oh, I missed on one crucial thing, the need of a personal life and LOVE. As far as love is concerned my philosophy – it comes when least expected so, 30s is not a bad time to wait it out, I’ll still have my chances. So, after lamenting over the lost time, age, memories and not to mention countless parties that I would have missed, other than setting a few things right I won’t have many changes in my plan. 20s to 30s isn’t a quantum leap in wrinkles per se.