A Bookish Choice.

A literary-minded witch gives you a choice: become either an obscure novelist or a popular paperback author. Which do you choose?

Attention, especially fame is desired by everyone and if, it could come out of a good job why not reap the fruits of all the hard work in a full fledged way now and here? Who wants to be dead and then be admired, when the witch allows me to become an author whose books give pleasure to millions? I do not mind if its just for a day, if it is pleasure to millions, I choose that. To me it’s both quantity and quality that matters so, I want the results now and I would like it wrapped up along with a bundle of other surprises. Thank you!! Ms. Witch, that’d be all.

Forget me the moment you are done reading my piece of work I do not mind but, what would be more important is that you read – Not for decades but, at least once – and in that one time, immerse yourself while you read it and acknowledge the writer. I guess any writer would agree with me on this. Unless I am the best of the best, I’d accept the least that I would get (I should start writing quotes now). So, if the “the lady with the wand” gives me an opportunity to reach out to millions in a flick of her wand, I will take my chances with this option.

Moreover, the obscure just doesn’t sound right I am capable of being an obscure but a special writer on my own. This choice shouldn’t even be there, It just destroys the whole meaning of magic. It’s like asking, ” do you wanna fly or be teleported to a place ?” both can help you reach your destination and both have their own flavours… But, if you are in a hurry there’s only one option. 

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