Matters of Taste.

When was the last time a movie, a book, or a television show left you cold despite all your friends (and/or all the critics) raving about it? What was it that made you go against the critical consensus?

‘A’ movie, ‘a’ TV show?? nowadays it’s movies and TV shows that could leave one cold despite the reviews. You can’t even go by the the reviews as everyone has their own taste. For I have never been a regular book reader (although, I still try to read a good one every now and again) I can’t talk about a book but, I can critique or at least compare movies and shows for sure – TV is my pass time buddy. I am very well aware of the amount of hard work every movie and TV show production-team, cast members and others put in to create what they plan to yet, only a select few are able to gain a good audience.

I can watch shows on the telly that the majority might hate also I might dislike shows that everyone’s crazy about. The only TV show I can think of right now is – The big bang theory. There are hundreds of shows that I haven’t watched, there are some that I have only heard of and for some reason the story line of even these unknown shows sound interesting to me over this particular show. It is very popular among the people and the critics. Critics have their own parameters to judge a show but, all that a common viewer cares about is the story-line, slapstick/observational comedy etc.   

My review is not based on others experiences but mine alone and this show just doesn’t suit my taste – the only explanation I have. Not only viewers but the critics like it too, a rating of 8 on 10 is really far fetched for so many shows that are actually more funny and do not rely on cruel humour – People might think that it’s just comedy but, is it really so comic to laugh at someone? I thought funny meant to laugh with someone at something (and not the person itself). This show has it’s own way and that is just not my way.

2 thoughts on “Matters of Taste.

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