The Name is The Thing.

Have you ever named an inanimate object? 


Name? inanimate? object? What?? Do objects not have names already?

Those are some of the questions that I have. I do not think naming an inanimate object makes any sense (at least it doesn’t make any to me). I do not want to ask anymore questions but, then I do not have anything else in my mind that I could write. What difference does naming a car or a laptop make? It is not like the thing will answer back to me so, unless my car is Herbie from the movie Herbie Fully Loaded, I am not naming it. And as it is pretty clear I am not big on naming stuff.

I can, and do understand children doing it. Also, if a thing (lifeless or otherwise) holds a special meaning to someone, naming it would also be appropriate which I guess I do not have. But, naming your toaster and night lights (you know gadgets used day in and day out), will make my life very complicated so, I am happy without naming them and referring to them with their universal names. 

Writers block incoming!! I can not stretch this anymore because I am not on a first name basis with any inanimate object. I do not even remember naming my toys or may be I did name them but, I have no story to share. I am already tired of the house chores and my minds shutting down. All I have is… It’s hard to talk to your AI and call them by name (like Cortana or Siri) on the phone when you are out in the public I can’t fathom the idea of naming and referring general stuff that is used daily