Innocent Laughter.

Tell about a time when you (or someone else) said or did something unintentionally funny.

 I would be quite rich today, had I gotten a dollar (I don’t think nickels are still in use) for every time I was the reason for people’s laughter because of something that I did, said, or asked. As far as I remember, being one of those naive, new in the city kids I always had a lot of catching up to do in certain ways. You know? make friends, understand the lingo (of the place), make them feel your presence, there’s just too much pressure on a child. You adjust, nonetheless. But, it all comes with it’s own set of funny yet awkward memories.

I wouldn’t call it just unintentional because, innocence too plays a major role and out of innocence I have been the centre of a lot of funny happenings. Straight up from complimenting someone by saying that, their hair’s beautiful as a horses mane (and meaning it) and bitching about a person to the person without knowing that they are the said person to getting my tounge twisted by occasional spoonerism and dealing with awkward auto-corrects for instance; I’m here with her and the bra for I’m here with her at the bar!! There are countless of them and like I mentioned… I could have been really rich if it could be a profession to be funny – “unintentionally”.

Although, I try to be the funny one and I love making people laugh but, sometimes it just happens on its own… 

A group mate: “Hey Insach.”

Insach: Yeah?

Mate (introducing a mutual friend): “You know, she is going out with this new guy now.”

Insach: “Yeah, I know she likes a frequent change of scenes.” Smiles.


Insach: Thinking- I didn’t mean it that way she didn’t like her previous relationship, because she found it boring.

Pure innocence. AWKWARD!! Tell me if that isn’t awkward-funny or being honest to a fault.

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