Tunnel To Home.

Given the ability to build a magical tunnel connecting your home with the location of your choice — anywhere on Earth. Where’s the other end of your tunnel?

 If this wish could just come true!! I would give almost anything to make this happen. I love traveling but with (a) magical tunnel(s) I’d be able to avoid a few things like, the last minute bookings and waiting lists especially the crowd and the crazy rush also not to mention flight or train delays could be a thing of past. As it is magical it would be quick in service, I presume.

I would go crazy and open up a portal connecting my house to almost every place that I could imagine. From the mall, to the Uni, to my home town – Every place!! Given a chance to do so I would definitely do it. It would be so easy; wake up in the morning as you will and just get ready and use the tunnel to reach college on time, avoiding traffic at the rush hour like a boss. Feel like grocery shopping on weekend? No issues, just jump into the portal and reach the shop at the crack of dawn (actually, no shop opens up that early but, you get the idea). In case, I am allowed only one tunnel… Bring my loved ones closer to my place. All I need is, the 500 Km of distance, be reduced to a short walk through the tunnel. I would be able to say, “my Nana lives just across the road tunnel .”

It’s not just the people but also the place. Being in the city, but born in the picturesque valleys, I miss my hometown. For all this time every summer vacation was spent at our home town and these happy moments included all the family and relatives which made it all the more special and brought everyone closer. But, we grow up and get busy… Colleges do not give us long breaks to vacation and the breaks that are given are full of loads of work and internships. So, my first choice would be to have tunnel connecting my home with my home town. Though, this would mean to face the ugly rush hour traffic and to travel (battle) through the day. ,