Melting the Ice.

 A day old post.

Internet has recently been swept up by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Is there a cause you passionately believe in? 

There are enough things going on in the world that we know are unjust and unfair, but we call it unfortunate. Is it really unfortunate? We live and fend for ourselves the whole life and think – we do good, when we do good for our own selves. I feel passionately for the Homo sapiens. Well, we evolved from something we can not even imagine. We have done such a great job at it that, we feel everything that can be tamed, should be tamed. Now that we have made our lives so beautiful and comfortable, knowing that sky is really not the limit has made the heads (of a few special people in power) go crazy big, mostly with ego and not knowledge. I feel a change of thoughts should be in order. The Earth is not made by us, it made us. I am no environmentalist or a nature activist, but I know a very basic thing – the air we breathe is from the trees that we cut. Now, that is really unfortunate. 

I have always felt that it is not need, greed, hunger for power or even ego that makes people take the wrong decisions. It is a simple thing; lack of knowledge. Had we wrapped our head around the fact that we are sustained by this planet and not that it is maintained by us, we would have been a little more human and made our choices with some humility. We all had the same journey; caveman to the spaceman, but how much of a spaceman’s wisdom knowledge do we have? We still have a long way to go and there’s a lot to learn until then take care and do not let the Ice cover your entire heart.

We fight with ourselves, we fight with each other and then we fight (or try to hide away from) the repercussions. All I say… Be simple, be humble, be human not just to the earth but to everyone. It’s one life we get!! – live and let everyone(thing) live happily and with equal opportunities.