My potion.

Your choice of beverage?

I like all sorts of drinks, but they have to be clear. For some reasons I fancy juices alot, given a choice, I would choose a fresh fruit juice over anything else. And for a beverage, there are a select few favourites of mine: green tea or anything with more caffeine like a cup of hot choco or coffee. Pretty simple.

Also, the weather matters… Cold weather calls for the obvious hot drinks that make you feel so warm and happy. Nothing like a hot chocolate drink when its freezing outside. And talking about a trip to relax your senses and calm your mind while laying back in your chair out in your very own backyard – green tea is your companion… Fresh and light. Healthiest potion of all, the scientists say and I couldn’t agree less. In summers it’s more about quenching your thirst and fighting the heat than about feeling calm or warm thus, all the cold, ice loaded, sweet fruit drinks, smoothies, ice cream shakes etc. anytime anywhere. I can’t miss these out while talking about drinks.

You know? Drinks could be addictive. I am addicted to these. That’s how I have my potions reach a status of such importance, I try to know the good and the bad about them, keep myself in a health freak mode, and enjoy the weather with every sip/slurp.

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