Opening Lines.

Lets try something out of the ordinary.

What’s the first line of the last song you listened to? Use it as the first sentence of your post.


All along it was a fever

And I do not know what to deliver?

Rihanna, you made a great rhyme.

The first line of which is here.


The song is good.

Like being lost in the woods.

About going round and round,

While you shouldn’t have to move.


Relationships can be hard, Is what she’s teaching.

When you fall in love it can be tricky.

Funny that you find only yourself broken.

The truth is, both of you are equally mistaken.


All you need is a good hearty talk.

Open up and let it all out.

Silence is going to destroy,

The only chance of being along.


The sands of time will pass you by.

Both of you will only cry.

Bearing the pain inside, and caving,

You will lose it all, if you don not try.


‘Cause when you can’t see it right.

You do not know what is there to fight?

Still you grow apart, only to realise later.

That you can’t live without each other.


So, why not ask; Stay? 


If, in anyway that’s what she’s singing about, I decoded the lyrics – my way.