Good Old Times.

As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?


Summer vacations – the time of all the things not possible during School days; sleep late, wake up later, no homework, no worries. Life would just get better near every break and by the middle of the summer even better just to get out of hands at the very end, not altogether, though. But for a few of us, who are prone to procrastination, what took a toll at the end of our summer break was the very well ignored project work/summer reading assignment. It was always sad as the vacation time approached its end, who wanted the fun to end?? No one!!

So, with the unfinished work it was definitely stressful going back to School but that changed. A few years later, I grew old enough and realised the beauty of time management; including a little work with all the play made summers more enjoyable and going back to School was easier and something that I looked forward to (you start missing your friends specially if you are out of town for that long).

The fact that you have to wait for the break until the Sun forces people to stay inside means, you have to wait for quite a while and this wait reaps its fruits in every way possible. All the summer plans come to reality and nothing can stop you not even the heat. It’s like unleashing a monster that survives only on fun under the sun (does that sound funny?). That was definitely the case with me I just wanted to go places and have fun. I could eat it, had fun been edible (still not funny?).

Anyways, from the anxious kid with pending work to a teenager looking forward to meet all his buddies to an adult looking back at the good old times – wishing to live it all up again, I say the attitude has changed drastically. Now, I would love to go back to School. In fact, one of my friends has invited me to accompany them because they have some work at our School. Also, as far as summer nearing its end is concerned, it makes me happy because now I prefer fun that’s not under the Sun.


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