Flying without falling??

Pains and Gains: Do you agree with Jane Fonda’s favorite exercise motto, “no pain, no gain?” Is it impossible to attain greatness without considerable hardship?

It might be Jane Fonda’s favourite motto for exercises, but we know how we use it for everything that we do. No pain, no gain – that’s the truth and the key to success (not greatness) lies in this statement. I believe in the concept a 100% because I have experienced it and I know, for sure, that at some point in time in life we all must have heard it from someone or the other.

Lets consider a few things; no bird flies without falling first, no one learns to ride a bike without bruising themselves first, no one finds true love without facing a few rejections first, no one learns to try and try again” without giving up first, also no one solves algebra questions without going crazy first and then deeming the question to be stupid (or may be that’s just me).

I agree, these are not necessarily pains but are definitely losses one faces before achieving something really special. Finally, as we all know, no one gets a ripped body without those aches, in the unknown nooks and crannies of our body, after a workout and no one, I mean no one, can stay healthy without desisting from their guilty food pleasures.

Another belief is, no greatness is achieved without hardships, but I believe greatness can be attained by simply being steady like the turtle that won a race against a hare. But neither do I like nor will I define greatness, it could mean a million things. Great, is anything that makes you content and happy. To attain greatness could be to have nothing but just peace of mind (rarely found nowadays) or could mean to be living in a huge mansion with a butler, to me great is the sweet sleep after a difficult day or chocolates for that matter.

So, greatness is based on and defined by personal choices; choose a thing you like, set an aim and work hard or smartly and accomplish what you have to. Now, either you would lose or you would win – But, one thing that will remain constant is the pain. Loss is a pain that will boost you to do better next time and winning… Well, I am sure it did not come easy.

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