Use reflection.

The Mirror Crack’d: You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

 No, can not do without mirrors. They have become such an important part of our lives that I won’t even write an introductory para for the post and straightaway jump onto what is important – mirrors. If everyone’s mirrors are gone then I think it would be a little easier considering we all will look funny to each other so that puts us all on the same level. But I do not see a world without mirrors (at least not in today’s time). It will make everyday routine difficult and frustrating but also quick. Moreover, with mirrors we have a thousand issues, without it we will perceive more problems than there actually would be.

Mirror is the first thing we look at, in the morning while using the bathroom, and the same we do at night. From dressing up to dressing down we need a mirror. As far as I know there used to be a time when people would buy clothes from the market without trying them on first whereas nowadays we do not just try them on, we check ourselves in the mirror to know as to how good we look in it? or for some people it is – how good does it look on them?

We evolved from a basic animal to a very sophisticated social animal and social means to be at your best behaviour and in your best clothing, accessories and footwear. So, a world without mirror would mean lesser time being spent on getting ready for anything and more spent on the actual thing, be it work or party. Initially, it would also mean, heightened sense of self consciousness mostly because of the thought – do I look okay? And slowly, like with everything else, we will settle into this change as well.

Oh, life and the many possibilities in it, that daily prompts present!!

By the way, the first thing that came to my mind was – why not use reflection?? But then I realised where are we going to get a pool, lake or a water body so still that we could use it to see our reflections. And then I had a better idea, steel or silver ware… you know how good they are in reflecting, but as we do not live in the 1600s who is going to be surrounded by that much metal? So, I got the most brilliant solution – Use your phones!! You know, smart phones make good mirrors, they give too dark a refection but you could check your face and the hair at least (this is one the things that we all do without realising that we do it). Solution to many a problems lie under your very own nose, in this case Soooooo true.


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