Mouths Wide Open.

Mouths Wide Shut; Are you a picky eater? Share some of your favorite food quirks with us (the more exotic, the better!).

Food, another one of my favourite topics. I think I have mentioned it before in one or two posts that, food is one the things that is constantly on my mind and the variety in it is what really amazes me. Also, I do watch the food channels like I am going to be the next top chef or something (although, I do like cooking a few things for my highly sophisticated palate). Fox life, TLC, these are the channels that I watch and can watch at any time of the day. I might not be able to cook all the things that they show. But I ,surely, can tell you what a chocolate ganache or fondant is, what are the differences between cray fish and lobsters? And the fact that, they are used interchangeably at some places. Irony of the whole situation is that I am a vegetarian with an exception for eggs in the cakes, mousses and the like.

So, the story is that I was an omnivore till the age of 14 – I ate all that I was fed, to put it precisely. It is just that, at 14, I understood where my food was coming from and it just did not feel so right, that’s all and thus vegetarianism became a part of everyday life – not so easy, though, My fellow meat eaters would understand because, it tastes so good that the thought of being not able to eat it, when it is available, is uncanny. My point being, initially I used to be tempted to eat it when ever my family or friends would. Yeah, I was the odd one out but now totally fine with meat eaters, just that I won’t eat it and it doesn’t bother me to look at someone enjoying it.

Another thing is… just because I used to eat eggs I do not mind having them in delicious, decadent, indulgences of mine like, chocolate cakes (I love them) or those custards, desserts etc. even though I am a vegetarian, and someone who doesn’t only love the green leafy veggies but also adores fruits and their juices, the sweet nectar of life, does saying that make me a butterfly or a bee? Jokes apart.. I do like eating things either in their most natural form or in an entirely different – full of flavour and spices form – Yum!! I guess those are my food quirks.

Oh, my title is the opposite of the prompt because the fact that I have totally stopped eating non-veg, and that too at the age of 14, is something that leaves people with their mouths wide open.

Litmus, Litmus on the Wall.

If you had to come up with one question,the answer to which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just met, what would it be? What would the right answer be?

Friendship, one of my favourite topics. Now, the only problem is that the prompt wants only one-question from me, that could determine my friendship with a person. Friendship is a complex thing, one question is in no manner sufficient enough or capable of finding a friend for anyone. Now a days friendships mean to be a part of a clique, you have to be a part of a certain group just to be able to survive the surroundings. Friends are important and I believe, I am blessed to have one of the best people as my friends.

School or neighbourhood is the first place we make friends and like learning it is a life long process. The thing is that we all need someone to be by our side at all times, no one likes to be alone (except sometimes) and this mutual need of company brings all the like minded and at times totally different people closer and that is how a group differs from a team. In a team everyone works for an objective not necessarily being friends while in a group there is no need to achieve a common goal being together is all that matters. Also, having fun is the motto to live by.

Now, if I have to come up with a question… Mine would be a question related to any one of my favourite topics but the truth is there won’t be a perfect answer to that question, rather I would be friends with some one who would agree or disagree with me while not letting go of their beliefs,and stand by their point, no matter what. That is the kind of person I would like to be acquainted with, later turning into a friendship, like I mentioned before it is a complex process, a question would only allow the said person to enter my league of friends, but to be a continuous member that person would have to behave like an actual friend. And we all know how that goes… the five steps of relationship building!!

Live “in” it.

Flash Talk: You’re about to enter a room full of strangers, where you will have exactly four minutes to tell a story that would convey who you really are. What’s your story?

“So, you see stranger? That is why you should watch where you’re going.” And that is how my story ended.

Flashback: well, I woke up really early this morning because I wanted to be prepared for tonight’s party and while I was going smoothly through my daily activities and other important work, I had a feeling that something might go wrong. So, the day finally got over and I was all ready and dressed up for the gathering. I got out of the house and walked to the venue. Here I was walking on feet, to a nearby place, for a party and all of a sudden a car passes by me but luckily enough I was a little away from the puddle of water – oh, goodness gracious clean clothes, after that I felt a little relieved because for me this was sign that the bad luck was gone. Still walking and… a branch from an old tree falls just right in front of me –  wow, I was seconds away from being in the ER. Anyways, I continued walking down the lane and after a few blocks I could hear the music and thought, “Ah! finally, I have reached – no more crazy accidents only fun.” Apparently, it was too early to say that.

My actual story: So, I was there at the venue fashionably late enough and just on time to enjoy the party, to which I was invited by a friend of a friend and I was given the address on the phone (not on text). To my surprise I was at the wrong address. How could have this happened? I was walking in the right direction, took all the right turns and did remember all the land marks – where did I go wrong? Here I am surrounded by strangers in new place. It was one accident after the other that made me much more cautious, thanks to them I was paying more attention to everything that was happening around me.

And that is where I went wrong, you know,  stranger? While I was walking down to this place I had a feeling that something bad had to happen and it took just one tiny experience with the car to solidify my fear and what did I do? I fed my fear and let it take over me, because I believed in it. Accidents are all a matter of chance and no one ever said life is predictable, neither are accidents. But as I was holding on to nothing but fear I could not pay attention to the actual details – I could not see the forest for the trees. In a sense, I was blind and blinded by fear I had lost my way. Fortunately, I ended up here and a party is a party. But you see stranger, that is why you should watch where you’re going.

This taught me that life is unpredictable; good, bad or ugly, things are gonna happen everyday and giving into fears is going to to keep us from enjoying the journey. It is like ruining your mood by thinking that your Ice cream is gonna melt rather enjoying it before it melts. So move on from bad experiences, just learn from them and do not let them narrow down your vision, because not everyone is lucky enough to land into a party (full of good listeners) at the end of it all.

Scribble it up!

Ready, set, done: Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

With just ten minutes in my hands I will actually be scribbling. Although, I could cheat if I want to but that would not be as fun, right? We all write blogs every now and then and we take our time and let our thoughts be thought through and tie up the entire matter in one single theme so that it doesn’t seem like it’s all over the place. Well, today it is something different and I am taking it up, as a challenge, to write only for 10 minutes.

I have not yet come up with a topic (I did think of writing about learning German, but that will take a lot of time), anyhow I have managed to start a second paragraph. Well, I am writing being hard-pressed under time… Hey, let time be the theme of this blog post Okay, so time… as we all know is precious and we should not be wasting it because, it does just fly by and we all know how important it is to manage time. But have you noticed how everything that makes us feel great always passes by so fast while something bad seems to be never ending? Life!! all the good things come when least expected and all the good things have a way of just slipping by and the worst thing is we realise that importance of something once it has been taken away from us. Life is about finding out that, we live contrary to what we know about life.

Now, I feel like there should be a book on this subject – “how not to manage time but how to enjoy the time while managing it”. We keep running for something (that I haven’t found in my life yet) where as I feel we have everything here and now and we just need to look carefully. Does that take a lot of time? Yes, finding something means to invest a lot of time but why find it when all that we need to know is we have had it all along.

What did we have all along, you ask? TIME!!

Diamond in the rough.

Absolute Beauty: We’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you agree? is all beauty contingent on a subjective point of view?

You see, not every one has the ability to identify a diamond in the rough and that is the exact point here. Yes, I feel that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Why? Mostly because every person perceives what he wants to. Lets go back to talking about diamonds… it is a stone after all, made of nothing but carbon yet it is one of the most expensive and beautiful things in the world, we refer to this stone as “precious”. Similar to how every mother finds her child to be the most cutest, best and the most precious of all no matter what anyone else says/thinks. Is that why we say love is blind? Or does it mean love overpowers every other feeling and the beholder’s eyes see nothing but beauty – Like beauty and the beast – or should I say the beauty in the beast?

Some people find creepy crawlies repelling while for others they are interesting, I can understand the variety among them is interesting – so many unknown species, but I am happy with discovery channel itself I am not big on holding a spider in my hand (No, never!!). But you get the point, there’s beauty in almost everything just in a little different way or form. Have you ever seen a ugly tree or a flower? You might answer no, but the reality is they do exist there are trees that are ugly for instance; the old tree with no leaves and all it needs is thunder and lighting to look spooky and be unlikable – add a story of misfortunes to the tree and see the hate that it will get. See? I described things, a few words to create an image that is actually not so beautiful and there is my point isn’t this old tree so “beautifully” scary?

I have filled my post with so many questions but it is just me trying to make a point that, beautiful need not have a definition. When we define beautiful, we actually describe the attributes and we compare each thing with a previously known thing thus end up ranking things. Well, a little bit of imperfection lets us strive for perfection so every thing is beautiful the way it is because, either it’s perfect or is still in the process. Nevertheless, individuality comes from perception and perception is what the beholder’s eyes are controlled by. Add it all up, beauty is actually in the brains of the beholder.

Look it up.

Overload Alert: Are we overloaded with information and losing common sense?

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein.

Yes or no? I think it depends, right?

We are fed with information every minute of the day, every now and then we find out something new from some one, for example; the countless ways of doing a task, finding out that there’s no one sure shot technique to achieve success, which celebrity did the dirty deed… things like that so on and so forth. At times, the information is irrelevant and other times useless, occasionally useful too. Anyways, we have two eyes, two ears and we can not help but fill ourselves up with the information fed to us, we have to bear the good, the bad and the ridiculous too.

So, as the world runs its rat race, everyone in the name of being “informed” does the same thing – save it all up, book mark everything and then just devour each word of every article, every online information, news, updates etc. whenever they get the chance (some read while walking). There’s more of consumption than there is actual material available to be shared or understood, so in case something is not interesting people just paint it the way they want to, and thus begins the circle of rumours leading to confusions all around us. it has become difficult to see the right from the wrong, useful from useless, true from false, and like they say – nothing seems black or white anymore everything is different shades of gray, common sense is no more common. And there comes into the scene Gertrude Stein’s quote, with all the craziness around it is actually surprising and rare to see someone use their common sense.

Yes, we are over loaded with so much internet-knowledge and everything is just one google-search away, which is good. So why use common sense when phones are smart? And they do help us in many ways, brilliantly. It is because with this trend, In future common sense would be a far fetched concept and honestly, sometimes it seems like it is already – now a days for some people, going to a doctor is secondary to an online checkup – a normal pain in the arm would list a thousand diseases leaving out one actual problem loss of common sense. If someone doesn’t feel well, they need to see a doctor not look it up online. If that’s not losing common sense then what is?

We are surrounded by good, bad, offensive, potentially harmful information, lets just follow the old rule: believe only what we witness and talk only when we are fully aware (I guess, that in itself is common sense). I believe experts know their fields, we should trust them more. Books are relatable, we should read them. Media is doing its job, we should just let them. We all have brains, we should use them. Finally, life’s about living, we should live it… being in our senses, though.

The traveller’s advice.

Hand-Me-Downs: we all have to handle all sorts of hand-me-downs every day. Tell us about some of the meaningful hand-me-downs in your life.

 Hand-Me-Down – good advice, I do not remember anything else that was handed down to me. Actually, fortunately I guess, nothing ever was. Being the first born I always got the new stuff and probably my younger brother got the old clothes. Toys?? both of us had our own and we had very different choices in almost everything so nothing was shared let alone handed down. I have been super choosy with everything in my life; style, games, habits etc. I never imitated, but used the hand me down advice for sure. Put it this way, pick up all the good things that you come across. You won’t need to follow anyone, rather you’ll have your own set of handed-down meaningful and useful advice. 

Advice are good and especially when they are genuine or from someone experienced… that’s even better. Growing up, I learned from those who were returning back from their own journey. It always comes in handy; to know the path that you wish to tread, to ask about the road from someone who has already travelled it (Robert Frost inspired, I guess). Anyways, hand me down advice have played an important role in my life, because I can’t be standing out on the road waiting for every other traveller to tell me his stories. So, I am happy that some one had the opportunity to not only get an advice from a traveller but also had the courtesy to hand it down to every other person he came across and thus, the world knows of what it should have knowledge about.



Auld Lang Syne.

Not a daily prompt, but closer to my heart is this poem by Robert Burns, so I will post and share. The lovely stanzas of this poem just touch you in every way that a poem/song is supposed to. It was first introduced to me by a movie (you all might know which one). In that movie the poem was actually sung in a beautiful Scottish accent which was just enticing and I also found the lyrics to be quite intriguing. The phrase “for auld lang syne” was at the centre of it all and I did not know what it meant. A quick search on the internet revealed the truth that it is a classic old Scots poem with a folk tune to it. 

Auld Lang Syne means for old times’ sake (as per the internet), and what better song could have helped us bid our goodbyes at the graduation/farewell? Ever since then we, me and friends, have not had many a chances to meet up again and as the months pass by, only electronic media of communication are on and it gets boring and tiring (all the tapping, clicking, chatting and talking over the phone) and so does life. So, we did come up with a plan to gather and hand out, but not to surprise not everyone could turn up. Anyways, someday we shall all be together to “tak’ a cup of kindness” because old acquaintances are not made just to be forgotten, right?

Before that could happen, I received a call yesterday and a long awaited gathering happened; a friend called me up and asked me to join them (without any excuses) for lunch and more… Well, being totally unoccupied with any kind of work and wanting the plan to be a success, I agreed. Today, we had the time of our lives. We met at the subway and just after the “hello” we bombarded each other with everything that we had to talk about. Man, did that feel so cathartic!! That’s friendship and that was for auld lang syne – we met after such a long time, but it never felt like there was a sea between us. I bought my pint and they bought theirs’ like literally- actually, we stuck with eating healthy and drinking smoothies. And then I realised, we were all going by our daily lives not knowing that each one of us was sailing in the same boat – we picked all the good flowers, topics to talk about, as we wandered around and later got tired of all the walk (in the rain), but we gave each other a feeling of solidarity.

You succeed or you fail it is good know you have people who care. At least, memories are being created, to be looked back upon and smiled at. What more do we need form the past?


Hate my job.

Nightmare Job: In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

 What a straight forward question and that too asking for just one nightmare job. Actually, I graduated Uni recently (yes, in this bad-economy) and I am pretty open minded and ready to do anything as long as my work doesn’t involve hurting any one in any manner (physical or emotional), I would not do it even if I am offered millions. The one work that I can not imagine myself doing at all, at any cost, is being a butcher, hunter etc. I am a vegetarian, but not against meat eaters. I believe It is their choice and I am no one to tell them what to do.

I take it this way: how would I feel if someone tried to teach me about the goodness of eating meat? Pretty annoyed, I’d say. So, I do not ask anyone to convert/change. Anyways, that’s just me because I know people who abhor meat eaters to the point that they won’t even look at the meat, while I on the other hand watch food network shows like I am going to be the next best chef, and as we all know they are rarely cooking veggies on these channels.To me, it’s really shocking yet very fascinating and informative to know about the bizarre foods of the world. But hey, who am I to judge? In addition I also feel variety is the spice in life, literally.

Back to the main point… Never can I do what butchers do. No, no, no!! It just scares me to see someone hurt I can not fathom killing a living thing, poor butchers. Well, I guess that’s it.