Auld Lang Syne.

Not a daily prompt, but closer to my heart is this poem by Robert Burns, so I will post and share. The lovely stanzas of this poem just touch you in every way that a poem/song is supposed to. It was first introduced to me by a movie (you all might know which one). In that movie the poem was actually sung in a beautiful Scottish accent which was just enticing and I also found the lyrics to be quite intriguing. The phrase “for auld lang syne” was at the centre of it all and I did not know what it meant. A quick search on the internet revealed the truth that it is a classic old Scots poem with a folk tune to it. 

Auld Lang Syne means for old times’ sake (as per the internet), and what better song could have helped us bid our goodbyes at the graduation/farewell? Ever since then we, me and friends, have not had many a chances to meet up again and as the months pass by, only electronic media of communication are on and it gets boring and tiring (all the tapping, clicking, chatting and talking over the phone) and so does life. So, we did come up with a plan to gather and hand out, but not to surprise not everyone could turn up. Anyways, someday we shall all be together to “tak’ a cup of kindness” because old acquaintances are not made just to be forgotten, right?

Before that could happen, I received a call yesterday and a long awaited gathering happened; a friend called me up and asked me to join them (without any excuses) for lunch and more… Well, being totally unoccupied with any kind of work and wanting the plan to be a success, I agreed. Today, we had the time of our lives. We met at the subway and just after the “hello” we bombarded each other with everything that we had to talk about. Man, did that feel so cathartic!! That’s friendship and that was for auld lang syne – we met after such a long time, but it never felt like there was a sea between us. I bought my pint and they bought theirs’ like literally- actually, we stuck with eating healthy and drinking smoothies. And then I realised, we were all going by our daily lives not knowing that each one of us was sailing in the same boat – we picked all the good flowers, topics to talk about, as we wandered around and later got tired of all the walk (in the rain), but we gave each other a feeling of solidarity.

You succeed or you fail it is good know you have people who care. At least, memories are being created, to be looked back upon and smiled at. What more do we need form the past?


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