The traveller’s advice.

Hand-Me-Downs: we all have to handle all sorts of hand-me-downs every day. Tell us about some of the meaningful hand-me-downs in your life.

 Hand-Me-Down – good advice, I do not remember anything else that was handed down to me. Actually, fortunately I guess, nothing ever was. Being the first born I always got the new stuff and probably my younger brother got the old clothes. Toys?? both of us had our own and we had very different choices in almost everything so nothing was shared let alone handed down. I have been super choosy with everything in my life; style, games, habits etc. I never imitated, but used the hand me down advice for sure. Put it this way, pick up all the good things that you come across. You won’t need to follow anyone, rather you’ll have your own set of handed-down meaningful and useful advice. 

Advice are good and especially when they are genuine or from someone experienced… that’s even better. Growing up, I learned from those who were returning back from their own journey. It always comes in handy; to know the path that you wish to tread, to ask about the road from someone who has already travelled it (Robert Frost inspired, I guess). Anyways, hand me down advice have played an important role in my life, because I can’t be standing out on the road waiting for every other traveller to tell me his stories. So, I am happy that some one had the opportunity to not only get an advice from a traveller but also had the courtesy to hand it down to every other person he came across and thus, the world knows of what it should have knowledge about.




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