Look it up.

Overload Alert: Are we overloaded with information and losing common sense?

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein.

Yes or no? I think it depends, right?

We are fed with information every minute of the day, every now and then we find out something new from some one, for example; the countless ways of doing a task, finding out that there’s no one sure shot technique to achieve success, which celebrity did the dirty deed… things like that so on and so forth. At times, the information is irrelevant and other times useless, occasionally useful too. Anyways, we have two eyes, two ears and we can not help but fill ourselves up with the information fed to us, we have to bear the good, the bad and the ridiculous too.

So, as the world runs its rat race, everyone in the name of being “informed” does the same thing – save it all up, book mark everything and then just devour each word of every article, every online information, news, updates etc. whenever they get the chance (some read while walking). There’s more of consumption than there is actual material available to be shared or understood, so in case something is not interesting people just paint it the way they want to, and thus begins the circle of rumours leading to confusions all around us. it has become difficult to see the right from the wrong, useful from useless, true from false, and like they say – nothing seems black or white anymore everything is different shades of gray, common sense is no more common. And there comes into the scene Gertrude Stein’s quote, with all the craziness around it is actually surprising and rare to see someone use their common sense.

Yes, we are over loaded with so much internet-knowledge and everything is just one google-search away, which is good. So why use common sense when phones are smart? And they do help us in many ways, brilliantly. It is because with this trend, In future common sense would be a far fetched concept and honestly, sometimes it seems like it is already – now a days for some people, going to a doctor is secondary to an online checkup – a normal pain in the arm would list a thousand diseases leaving out one actual problem loss of common sense. If someone doesn’t feel well, they need to see a doctor not look it up online. If that’s not losing common sense then what is?

We are surrounded by good, bad, offensive, potentially harmful information, lets just follow the old rule: believe only what we witness and talk only when we are fully aware (I guess, that in itself is common sense). I believe experts know their fields, we should trust them more. Books are relatable, we should read them. Media is doing its job, we should just let them. We all have brains, we should use them. Finally, life’s about living, we should live it… being in our senses, though.

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