Diamond in the rough.

Absolute Beauty: We’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you agree? is all beauty contingent on a subjective point of view?

You see, not every one has the ability to identify a diamond in the rough and that is the exact point here. Yes, I feel that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Why? Mostly because every person perceives what he wants to. Lets go back to talking about diamonds… it is a stone after all, made of nothing but carbon yet it is one of the most expensive and beautiful things in the world, we refer to this stone as “precious”. Similar to how every mother finds her child to be the most cutest, best and the most precious of all no matter what anyone else says/thinks. Is that why we say love is blind? Or does it mean love overpowers every other feeling and the beholder’s eyes see nothing but beauty – Like beauty and the beast – or should I say the beauty in the beast?

Some people find creepy crawlies repelling while for others they are interesting, I can understand the variety among them is interesting – so many unknown species, but I am happy with discovery channel itself I am not big on holding a spider in my hand (No, never!!). But you get the point, there’s beauty in almost everything just in a little different way or form. Have you ever seen a ugly tree or a flower? You might answer no, but the reality is they do exist there are trees that are ugly for instance; the old tree with no leaves and all it needs is thunder and lighting to look spooky and be unlikable – add a story of misfortunes to the tree and see the hate that it will get. See? I described things, a few words to create an image that is actually not so beautiful and there is my point isn’t this old tree so “beautifully” scary?

I have filled my post with so many questions but it is just me trying to make a point that, beautiful need not have a definition. When we define beautiful, we actually describe the attributes and we compare each thing with a previously known thing thus end up ranking things. Well, a little bit of imperfection lets us strive for perfection so every thing is beautiful the way it is because, either it’s perfect or is still in the process. Nevertheless, individuality comes from perception and perception is what the beholder’s eyes are controlled by. Add it all up, beauty is actually in the brains of the beholder.

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