Scribble it up!

Ready, set, done: Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

With just ten minutes in my hands I will actually be scribbling. Although, I could cheat if I want to but that would not be as fun, right? We all write blogs every now and then and we take our time and let our thoughts be thought through and tie up the entire matter in one single theme so that it doesn’t seem like it’s all over the place. Well, today it is something different and I am taking it up, as a challenge, to write only for 10 minutes.

I have not yet come up with a topic (I did think of writing about learning German, but that will take a lot of time), anyhow I have managed to start a second paragraph. Well, I am writing being hard-pressed under time… Hey, let time be the theme of this blog post Okay, so time… as we all know is precious and we should not be wasting it because, it does just fly by and we all know how important it is to manage time. But have you noticed how everything that makes us feel great always passes by so fast while something bad seems to be never ending? Life!! all the good things come when least expected and all the good things have a way of just slipping by and the worst thing is we realise that importance of something once it has been taken away from us. Life is about finding out that, we live contrary to what we know about life.

Now, I feel like there should be a book on this subject – “how not to manage time but how to enjoy the time while managing it”. We keep running for something (that I haven’t found in my life yet) where as I feel we have everything here and now and we just need to look carefully. Does that take a lot of time? Yes, finding something means to invest a lot of time but why find it when all that we need to know is we have had it all along.

What did we have all along, you ask? TIME!!


2 thoughts on “Scribble it up!

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