Live “in” it.

Flash Talk: You’re about to enter a room full of strangers, where you will have exactly four minutes to tell a story that would convey who you really are. What’s your story?

“So, you see stranger? That is why you should watch where you’re going.” And that is how my story ended.

Flashback: well, I woke up really early this morning because I wanted to be prepared for tonight’s party and while I was going smoothly through my daily activities and other important work, I had a feeling that something might go wrong. So, the day finally got over and I was all ready and dressed up for the gathering. I got out of the house and walked to the venue. Here I was walking on feet, to a nearby place, for a party and all of a sudden a car passes by me but luckily enough I was a little away from the puddle of water – oh, goodness gracious clean clothes, after that I felt a little relieved because for me this was sign that the bad luck was gone. Still walking and… a branch from an old tree falls just right in front of me –  wow, I was seconds away from being in the ER. Anyways, I continued walking down the lane and after a few blocks I could hear the music and thought, “Ah! finally, I have reached – no more crazy accidents only fun.” Apparently, it was too early to say that.

My actual story: So, I was there at the venue fashionably late enough and just on time to enjoy the party, to which I was invited by a friend of a friend and I was given the address on the phone (not on text). To my surprise I was at the wrong address. How could have this happened? I was walking in the right direction, took all the right turns and did remember all the land marks – where did I go wrong? Here I am surrounded by strangers in new place. It was one accident after the other that made me much more cautious, thanks to them I was paying more attention to everything that was happening around me.

And that is where I went wrong, you know,  stranger? While I was walking down to this place I had a feeling that something bad had to happen and it took just one tiny experience with the car to solidify my fear and what did I do? I fed my fear and let it take over me, because I believed in it. Accidents are all a matter of chance and no one ever said life is predictable, neither are accidents. But as I was holding on to nothing but fear I could not pay attention to the actual details – I could not see the forest for the trees. In a sense, I was blind and blinded by fear I had lost my way. Fortunately, I ended up here and a party is a party. But you see stranger, that is why you should watch where you’re going.

This taught me that life is unpredictable; good, bad or ugly, things are gonna happen everyday and giving into fears is going to to keep us from enjoying the journey. It is like ruining your mood by thinking that your Ice cream is gonna melt rather enjoying it before it melts. So move on from bad experiences, just learn from them and do not let them narrow down your vision, because not everyone is lucky enough to land into a party (full of good listeners) at the end of it all.

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