Mouths Wide Open.

Mouths Wide Shut; Are you a picky eater? Share some of your favorite food quirks with us (the more exotic, the better!).

Food, another one of my favourite topics. I think I have mentioned it before in one or two posts that, food is one the things that is constantly on my mind and the variety in it is what really amazes me. Also, I do watch the food channels like I am going to be the next top chef or something (although, I do like cooking a few things for my highly sophisticated palate). Fox life, TLC, these are the channels that I watch and can watch at any time of the day. I might not be able to cook all the things that they show. But I ,surely, can tell you what a chocolate ganache or fondant is, what are the differences between cray fish and lobsters? And the fact that, they are used interchangeably at some places. Irony of the whole situation is that I am a vegetarian with an exception for eggs in the cakes, mousses and the like.

So, the story is that I was an omnivore till the age of 14 – I ate all that I was fed, to put it precisely. It is just that, at 14, I understood where my food was coming from and it just did not feel so right, that’s all and thus vegetarianism became a part of everyday life – not so easy, though, My fellow meat eaters would understand because, it tastes so good that the thought of being not able to eat it, when it is available, is uncanny. My point being, initially I used to be tempted to eat it when ever my family or friends would. Yeah, I was the odd one out but now totally fine with meat eaters, just that I won’t eat it and it doesn’t bother me to look at someone enjoying it.

Another thing is… just because I used to eat eggs I do not mind having them in delicious, decadent, indulgences of mine like, chocolate cakes (I love them) or those custards, desserts etc. even though I am a vegetarian, and someone who doesn’t only love the green leafy veggies but also adores fruits and their juices, the sweet nectar of life, does saying that make me a butterfly or a bee? Jokes apart.. I do like eating things either in their most natural form or in an entirely different – full of flavour and spices form – Yum!! I guess those are my food quirks.

Oh, my title is the opposite of the prompt because the fact that I have totally stopped eating non-veg, and that too at the age of 14, is something that leaves people with their mouths wide open.


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