My action words.

Verbal Confirmation: To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?

Finally, after quite a long time, a prompt that is different than the same old themes they have been posting lately. Anyways, I will talk about my verbs; so the first one in the list is, ‘to be’. To be this, to be that – the motto and goal of every one’s life, right? I mean, we all “are” because we want to be or may be we are just forced to be someone and do not really have a choice because, life goes on like that… from one phase to another phase (a possible reference to the poem: all the world is a stage) do we really have a choice? Everyone has to be through all the 7 stages, unless something bad happens.

Secondly, I would say ‘to think’ describes me, as the previous paragraph was not copied, but thought out and written. You see, that’s what we all have, a brain to think, so we will think… good, bad, positive, negative, clean, dirty, pure, malign and so on. Do we have a choice here? Actually, we do have full (scientists say 5%-10%) control over our brains if anything else, unless something makes it go crazy and wreck our lives. ‘To have’ is also in the list because I want to have a blog and that is why it is being maintained. That was a weird place for joke, all though I do believe to have is not of that much significance. In my opinion, the need to have is something that could turn into greed.

Okay, I have used up all the verbs that were given in the prompt. Now, time for some originality. Oh, got it… This new way of maintaining a conversation blog is quite original in my idea, but I need something better. Hey brain you are requested to think on what to have in the blog post to be original (see what I did there?).

To accept, to appreciate and to let go are some of the actions that I have in my mind. Well, these would do. So, I guess as we live on this amazement of a life, surprised by every thing that we see around us, especially the chaos that is so out of hand and yet everything seems to be under control (are we in denial?). Is it just me or the world is actually moving way too fast and every one is caught up in this race. Like I mentioned earlier, the world’s definitely a stage and all of us will be a part of the journey that is pre-determined in a way that we will have seven stages or more.

All that really matters is what we make of it and as far as I am concerned to be and to think is important, but what makes life easier is to be able to accept, appreciate and let go when needed. I think I characterize my self with these verbs and as someone who is still trying to figure out – is there anything left to figure out?


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