Vent it out.

Ready, Set, Done: Our weekly free-write is back: take ten minutes to write — no pauses!

Weekly?? When did this become a weekly affair? I thought It was a one time deal only. Anyways, it is a little boring yet fun concept only if we do stick to the time limit. Sounds like I have heard this same statement before… Oh, yeah I mentioned it the first time I wrote this 10 minute free-write which brings me to my question… every week? Okay, so we all have to face this so called free-write from now onward. Got it, let me begin by accepting it (apparently, that’s all that I have been doing lately). Now, I think I should have thought of what to write before jumping on to writing and I am just blabbering stuff out. Umm… better yet, today I will vent it out.

So, yesterday I was looking for my things because we moved to a new place yet again and obviously everything was a mess and somethings are still lost. I could not find my year books and while looking for them I came across my old diary (I used to maintain it, writing in it was cathartic) that I used to write in. I have been obsessing a lot on some things and thoughts lately so I thought of writing in it again, but I got lost in my year books and the school magazines and could not do it.

Now, I realise that I need to vent it out. So here, through this blog post, I will put it out in the universe. I have the same thoughts going round and round in my head one of which I share because there’s a time limit. And all I want to say is… I am tired of moving places. It is, as I know it, for 10 years we moved from/into new places like 4 times and I think I got so used to the idea that I loved it. Then, for the past 10 years, I luckily got a place where I could establish myself as nothing more but at least a student and had some awesome friends, a cool neighbourhood and everything any one could dream of while being a child – childhood – is the word I guess.

I am really like straight-forward and I have always loved the fact that I was one of those few people who get to enjoy new places; I mean it is an experience in itself to have a hometown (your roots) and move into five different places. I was also someone who thought friendships are meant for a couple years and then we move. But being in the same place for so long has changed me, I don’t know if that’s good, but this habit of not getting attached to things has also changed. I admit, I am so attached to the “pseudo-home” of mine that the new place is just “a house” to me and I am being pretty sour; not exploring this new place just because I do not think it as as good as the last place (which, till now, has only been proven right).

Anyways, I have to face it, it is done. We have moved there are a number of valid reasons and even though It is not as great as the previous place and also It doesn’t hold any emotional value to me, I’ll have to move on. Yeah!! I am missing my home and hometown. I’ll just accept and move on, but I will do that on my own terms with the thought that, “a fall is accompanied by rise, for life is a roller-coaster”.

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