Filling in : Dictionary, Shmictionary.

Time to confess: tell us about a time when you used a word whose meaning you didn’t actually know (or were very wrong about, in retrospect).

Every now and then it does happen… we start out each day thinking lets do something better and lets just be better and in that  we try our very best to learn as we go on with our daily routine. And so do I… try my best to learn new things, words etc and enhance my vocabulary because it happens with the best of them, you know? Falling short of words to explain something and sometimes we find ourselves over using a word just because we really do not know how else to put it. I hate when that happens to me.

So my new word was “conspicuous” for someone hearing it for the first time it just does not make sense and for me it neither had a common word stem or root (compared with the words in my knowledge) and I could not comprehend the meaning of the whole sentence – “I sit there so conspicuously”. But that did not keep me from using the same sentence some where else – honestly, I did not know the meaning of it but I still used it. Fortunately, later I found that the I did use the word in the right context and also learned that had I picked up inconspicuously and used it instead, it could have been a false thing to say. Learn but with patience is the lesson here, I guess.


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