Unequal Terms.

Today is Blog Action Day? What does inequality mean to you. Have you ever encountered it in your daily life?

Inequality is something that is all around us and  definitely could be encountered everyday. It is everywhere, we might think it is not but it actually is, hidden in those nooks and crannies. In every thing that we do minor-levels- of-inequality exists because we can not, in any way, simply be equal to all the things in life. C’mon… to be totally equal is like asking everyone to love the same thing and have the same ways of life – quite not possible.

How do I see it everyday? Well, think harder. We all encounter it each day. For many people their life and lifestyle are not just a matter of choice but just the way it is (not everything in life is under our control, right?). We have our reasons and excuses for almost everything in life and have our own likes and dislikes, good days and bad days – we all are in the same boat. But, we see some people with the best of the things in life and we also see people trying (struggling) to make their ends meet. If that is not inequality than what is??

I know it is each person’s own responsibility to make a good life for themselves and every one has to fend for themselves at the end no matter what, because we all know survival of the fittest is the rule of nature (not talking about biology). Hey, that in itself is a big example of inequality because aren’t we all supposed to be given the same chance of survival considering the fact that not everyone began with the same kind or amount of resources (I am not even touching the subject of political and general rights or equality. No!)

That’s just my concern, something that bothers me, and simply my opinion on inequality. I think everyone should be more than just “born equal” because we were born equal (as humans) but life unfolds as to be more than just about being a human. There are many more facets to it; a lot of which require us to be responsible and the sad truth is that not everyone has it equal. The solution… I think we should be helpful and shun that prejudice because no one would mind if we lend a hand or  ears to a needy.

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