Reverse Shot.

What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.

Earliest?? I can not recall the earliest most but a memory of my childhood involving someone else, that I have. I remember a scene (faintly) which is one of my fond memories. In kindergarten, I remember being taught the names of the months and my teacher also taught us how every alternate month is one day shorter because it goes like, 31, 30, 31… and February is the odd one out with 28 or 29 days in it, depending on it being a common or leap year.

That seems very usual and ordinary, I mean, what is so special that this is a memory l choose to talk  blog about? It is the way she made us learn which month is 30 days and which is 31 days. She used her fist for it, I do not know a single person (not even my friends) who remembers being taught using this technique or may be they were never taught that way. And today when I searched – months on knuckles on the Internet, I found it is not a figment of my imagination but an actual technique.

So, the technique and I am reversing the shot now (in the teacher’s perspective)… Lets teach these small kids a thing they might remember for the rest of their lives, using knuckles to remember which month is 30 or 31. A quiet yet excited class full of little kids. So, children make a fist and pay attention. Now, we will make our right hand a calender; the first knuckle, leaving the thumb out, is January and because it is a crest (higher than the groove between the knuckles, the trough) it has 31 days. And the trough is February. Next in line is the second crest and that makes march to have 31 days and April is next and the trough means… ?? Children reply: 30!! – Yes, good!! And we go on till July. Now, start again with the first knuckle and it is August (and that’s how we have both July and August with 31 days). Finally, we end with December on a knuckle i.e. 31 days.

For the teacher we were good students, she taught something to very tender minds and quick as I am 😛 I still remember it after 19 years and a graduation. Better yet, she must have never thought in her wildest dreams that one of her students would be blogging about it. That’s funny, makes me wonder what if something that you say to someone ends up on some blog.


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