As I like it.

Fourth Wall: You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is – and what happens to you while you’re there?

I love watching television and ranging from anime, other cartoons, soap operas – drama, fiction, fantasy, adventure, thriller, comedy shows, discovery channel, cookery and lifestyle channels to news you name it, I watch it. And movies, I like all kinds almost all genres from drama that makes you cry to comedy that gives you a stomach ache, even poignant to satirical movies, and fantasy, adventure, thriller, horror, science fiction sometimes action are amongst the most favourite of mine.

Why is the prompt called Fourth wall? I just did not get it. Anyways, a movie(s) that I would like to be in would be the Harry Potter series. Wow!! The story, the characters, the depths (in the book only) how very intricate!! Also the movie’s production and sets – surreal. I know there are more movies like that but to see a book come to life was a treat and I have always loved magic. Who, as a kid, has not wanted to able to fly or just be able to levitate stuff? Remember how X-men was like the most interesting show ever, that no one wanted it to end. Oh, childhood! Brings a huge smile every time you talk about it.

Okay, so if I were in the Harry Potter series… One, I would be super rich. Two, I would take any part because I love them all. Now that I am being given a chance to choose then why do I not simply become HP, I mean best of the best and who cares about the rest. While I am in the movie you know what happens with me. I am the chosen one and I have to go through 8 books to find out that, “the one who must not be named” was the most powerful wizard ever (after Dumbledore) and I was surrounded by the three deathly hallows all along. Finally, the D-day comes to reality and prophecy holds my side. I, the boy who lives, kills Voldemort. With the whole picturesque School being almost destroyed, many dear ones physically, mentally, emotionally hurt and few loved ones lost, the tragedy finally sees a beautiful blue sky and a lovely sun shine. You know? All’s well that ends well.

Obviously, as the movie’s plot won’t change the same things would happen with me whichever character I choose to be. And I do not mind it because that is exactly as I like it except the fact that Harry did not end up with Hermione, that I would definitely like change in my movie.


4 thoughts on “As I like it.

  1. The Fourth Wall refers to the one facing the audience. Movie, TV, and stage sets have three walls and the fourth is where the audience watches from. When a performer “breaks the fourth wall” they are interacting with the audience in a way they should not. If they were truly in the scene, the audience would not exist.

    • Yeah, I mean the story is great the way it is, but Harry and Hermione should have ended up together. 😛
      And thank you so much for liking the posts. Appreciate it. 🙂

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