‘Twas never a question.

Finite Creatures: At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

Do you remember, how everyone as a kid was busy discovering the truth of life and beyond? Apparently, I do not. I was too much of a kid and that meant only fun with no worries. I slept at nights only to wake up early and have more fun, again. So, no I was not into any of this. I had no idea that life meant more than home and school, friends and family, and love or hate. Also, I never thought that humans were immortal.

Firstly, I was too young for anything and then I was in kindergarten where I was always given examples of great people who had lived on this planet. So, my only question to my parents was, “where are they now?” The simple answer that, “they are dead” was very clear to me. I did not need a definition of death, for I knew that people grow old and then just disappear. I always knew, as far as I think, that no life form is immortal but even trees get old and die (now, that was a shocker!!).

Yeah, there was a discovery that made me more conscious and allowed  taught me to live life the best way possible because the end (which is the most certain truth) is a very uncertain event. So, the discovery was that growing old is not a necessary phase for the end to come. And that my friends makes life a journey, it could be long or short, rough or smooth, but It’s only one life we get. lets make it worthwhile.

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