Work in progress.

Grand Slam: The World Series starts tonight! In your own life, what would be the equivalent of a walk-off home run?

It is the little things that you do, that nobody else does for me… I am not sure if that’s the lyric of the song but that is what I can recall. For me the grand slam would actually be to see my folks be happy and obviously proud of me. Being a fresh-out-of-college kid I am all about future and planing life, in general. I know that college is the time to plan and build yourself so that you come out as a market-ready-person but believe me the market is just not ready for anyone and it is a difficult time for everyone. Even for the ones who are not looking out for much or wanting something too big.

As I see it, my perspective of life is realistic and straightforward and, so is my approach. I keep preaching about life and lifestyle thus, I am quite a clear-headed person, who knows his needs and wants (also the difference between the two). This gives me patience and a weird feeling of contentment, letting me see the glass as half full. Now the question is, is this optimism or plain denial? (Denial about the loss of half of the water). I feel like there’s a thin line, a very thin line indeed, differentiating the two.

The question is not whether the glass is half full or empty, the question is why is it not full in the first place? I need a glass full of water and how far am I willing to go with my eyes closed, believing the glass is half full? It gets scary because, at times, it seems like a hopeless situation and all you can do is wait! Are we supposed to just carry on with the glass half full hoping it to be filled one day? May be, may be not.

They say failure is the first step to success, but even to fail you have to do something and to do something you need opportunities, which are scarce. And I do not think that holding a standard in personal or professional life is wrong… is it? I hope it does not mean that while we are waiting for the best the rest also goes out of hand. But again who is to set the bar as to how low to go? Which brings me back to the answer of the prompt – The Work Is Still in Progress. Either I will be right (or smart-est)  to be optimistic and content or I will be the biggest fool to have seen the glass half full while all along it was simply half empty and possibly leaking.

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